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Misiki-Misiki Ventures’s Internship program is an unique opportunity and our fellow members are unique with a high range of diversity. However all of them are driven by some common values such as inquisitiveness, innovation and above all a commitment to “Making Life a better experience for all the citizens”. Here we list down a few high level attributes of our interns in the past years:

A deep rooted ambition to make an impact and a passion for an idea or issue which could have wider social/business/academic implications

The humility to believe that he/she needs to learn more and an appreciation of the limitations of his/ her specialized undergraduate degree The willingness to think differently and chart a new course

A demonstrated ability to overcome challenge. Qualities of integrity, self-awareness, energy, initiative and open mindedness. An above average academic record

Internship Program – Purpose

This Internship program is a professional development program intended to advance Misiki Ventures’s goals with the involvement of top university talent and, in turn, provide them with practical learning experience in the area of public policy issues and various specialized subjects.

Interns are recruited and selected based upon their educational outstanding, curriculum and potential. The program also allows Misiki Venturess to inculcate the sense of responsibility and true meaning of a good citizen in the youth of the country by having them work towards real social projects and issues.

The focus of the program is for students to learn about the vast opportunities available for them to make a positive impact with limited time and resources. The program encourages learning from interaction with the fellow interns from different disciplines and backgrounds and from eminent institutes across the Globe.

Benefits to the Intern

Provides the students with an opportunity to experience real-world problems to which they must apply fundamental academic and interpersonal skills.

Identify, cultivate and develop students towards their participation in social issues and public policy.

Links academic program content with the workplace
  • Provides students a rich learning platform to interact and share their ideas and vision with other fellow interns working on diverse projects; get an opportunity to interact with Government and Non-Governmental officials while researching their projects.
  • Provides students with opportunity to be creative in finding innovative solutions to actual problems.
  • Motivates students to develop a strong work ethics and achievement orientation with some supervision.
  • Introduces students to the roles of nonprofits in their community and beyond.
  • Provides them opportunity to recognize their true passions and potential.

Lets them experience a sense of success and accomplishment, which will enhance their self-esteem and may motivate interest in their academic subjects and activities.

Benefits to Misiki Venturess

Cultivate a pool of volunteers who will spare some of their time and energy in carrying forward the good work of the Organization.

Some of them would become enthusiastic ambassadors of the Misiki Ventures who will motivate others to get involved as interns/volunteers.

Develop relationships with university administrators and faculty members. Helps achieve one of our Organization’s core objective of involvement of Civic Society for improved governance.

Word of mouth awareness back on the campuses and in their homes by the interns as they share their experiences and achievements.

How to Apply ?

The program is available in many institutions/colleges of repute in many countries. There are limited number of projects and limited positions available. Duration of program is for from 12 – 24 weeks depending upon the length of the project and availability of the intern.

Please apply by filling The Misiki Ventures Internship Application Form

Internship Guidelines

International Internships

  • Internship Duration is at least 20-24 weeks at our Projects in Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • Misiki Ventures’s internship program is very rigorous, serious and fast paced. It requires full dedication and attention of interns for the entire internship period.
  • During the internship period, Misiki Ventures intern will only pursue this internship; no other side projects or internship will be allowed.
  • Students interested in pursuing internship opportunities must meet Organization’s expectations all through the program. They should strive for and demonstrate high level of sincerity and honesty in their research work and interactions.
  • Each intern will be assigned with individual project related to their field of education and specialization. Projects are on various different and diverse topics.
  • Projects will be assigned before the start of the internship and cannot be changed. Since projects are on diverse topics, it is likely that the topic may be entirely new to the intern.
  • Each intern is required to give and attend weekly presentations, document submissions, field visits, guest lectures, documentary screening among other regular activities.
  • Each intern needs to maintain a rough log-book in which he/she would note down any and all information directly so as to serve as a record of activities in a chronological sequence.
  • Each intern shall be required to submit a Final Project Report as a soft copy by the completion of the project period to be eligible to get stipend/ compensation and Certificate of Internship.
  • Each intern shall communicate with the mentor/supervisor at least once every week.
  • Each intern must adhere to internship requirements, rules and regulations. Internship of the students not observing the discipline and rules will be terminated.
  • The contents of the Reports and the findings shall be the property of the Organization. They can be communicated to any journal/magazine or media only after obtaining the permission of the Organization and shall be required to acknowledge the role of the Organization in the work. The Organization on its part shall acknowledge the contribution of the concerned intern(s) whenever their work is published or communicated.
  • Intern must certify that the research report and it’s content work is original work, which is not published anywhere. Any of the content of the report if lifted from anywhere else, must contain the detailed reference to it’s original author and location


Bonafied Students above 21 years of age.

Intern must be a full time student in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program of a recognized university or college.

There is no restriction with respect to the area of specialization

Internship should not conflict with the intern’s academic program.

Must be well conversed with English Language in all forms i.e., Spoken, Writing and Read. As he she/he should be able to converse, read and write in English given that the medium of instruction at the Misiki Ventures Internship Program is English.

Intern is expected to have discussed with or to have informed his/her guardians and institution.

Intern must choose a project that is with in his/her capability to work on and can be carried out without endanger his/her own safety.

Selection Process

Bonafied Students above 21 years of age.

Misiki Ventures selects interns from empaneled university and college campus across the Globe. Kindly contact the Placement office of your institute for the visit schedule of Misiki Ventures to your campus. In case your college or university is not empaneled by Misiki Ventures, you may write to [email protected] to schedule an information session on your campus.

Students may apply directly on the website of Misiki Ventures after December 10th for limited number of positions to be filled in through off-campus recruitments.

Online Selection

Misiki Ventures operates on a four tier selection process

Resume Screening :

The Placement Cell of the institutes forwards the resume of all the interested candidates to the Selection Committee. These resume are then screened and a select few students are invited to fill the internship application form on the website.

On-Line Application :

The students invited to fill the online application form submit a detailed account of their candidature including a writing Sample of 500 words and a Statement of Purpose.

Video Interview :

After carefully assessing the potential and aptitude of the students from their online applications and the relevance of their candidature to the program, a handful of them are invited for the skype interview round. The skype interview is scheduled at a mutually convenient time and typically lasts for 15~20mins.

Off-Line Selection :

Only those students whose university/college has not been empaneled by Misiki Ventures are eligible to apply in the round. They directly fill the online application form available on the website of Misiki Ventures and then follow-up with the video interview, subject to being shortlisted.

*Selection in the off-campus recruitment is subject to availability of seats and therefore we strongly advise you to alert Misiki Ventures to contact your placement cell and organize a campus recruitment drive to better your chances.

Students who make it through the interview into the final list are then allotted projects and mentors. Projects are assigned based on many constraints, considerations, application review, interview review etc. Once assigned mentor and project cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Selection Criteria

Each applicant will be evaluated on a combination of the following criteria :
Proficiency in the area of their interest
  • Exhibited drive and passion to learn things beyond the prescribed curriculum
  • Academic excellence and achievements, both at the school and college level
  • Participation and performance in extra-curricular activities
  • Demonstrated Leadership and team work abilities
  • Performance in interviews
Potential to benefit from the Misiki Ventures Summer Internship
Application Form

The program is currently available in a few selected Subjects. There are limited number of projects and limited positions available. Duration of program is for from 8 – 10 weeks depending upon the length of the project and availability of the intern. Please apply by filling the

Misiki Ventures Internship Application Form

Internship FAQ

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